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How to draw a Cute Chick – Kawaii

Recently smiiliimoon, on YouTube, asked me how to draw Kawaii. What is Kawaii (pronounced a bit like Hawaii) ? Kawaii is the Japanese word for cute but it has also come to mean a soft cute style of illustration too.

Many have asked me to draw this before. I thought maybe it was a bit childish, but then I realised that when I went to Japan, Kawaii is just about all I bought as gifts and souvenirs! I’m beginning to see it as a serious art form… crazy but serious!

So, as it is Easter this weekend, I thought I would draw an egg and turn it into a Cute Kawaii Easter Chick. I hope you like it. If you do, let me know as I’ve now got all sorts of ideas going round in my head.. What would you like me to turn into Kawaii?

answers in the comments box below.