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How to draw a Dog Real Easy

Madeleine Mcelftesh asked me if I can draw a dog – The answer is yes! Thanks for the idea, Madeleine – it’s something I should have done years ago! Now I suppose I’ll have to do all the different breeds! That should take me a couple of years – lol

Drawing Lone Dogs with Yr 5 at Talbot Heath School

lobne-dogI did a lot of drawing with Talbot Heath School last week. When it was Year 5’s turn, they had been working on a poem called Lone Dog by Irene Rutherford Mcleod. We discussed how they imagined the dog and they had quite a wolfish image in mind, so that’s what we drew.

lone-dog-2I didn’t get to see the poem until half way through, so decided to put the moon in the background as a frame for the title and leaving space at the bottom to write the poem or quote a couple of lines.


lonedogI used a polystyrene sphere to explain how to see and draw the head from different angles. The nose is basically a box built on the front of a sphere. You may see evidence the planning drawings.

Here’s a video showing how to draw something similar that I did some time ago.