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How to draw old buildings – A Dovecot

This follows from my visit to Chastleton House recently. I was quite taken with the dovecote in the parkland and thought I’d take the opportunity to show how to use reference photographs to draw something from a different angle.

This is quite a long one because it takes a bit of time to work out the angles to draw from a different viewpoint and so work out the perspective. I also have a bit of a discussion about the use of reference photos vs straight copying of a photograph that you might find interesting

My Patreon members get a pdf sheet ( see below) with a clean outline drawing and some reference photos to help. They also get this video free of adverts!

[ppp_patron_only] Chastleton House Dove Cot [/ppp_patron_only]


How to draw a Traditional American Church

Traditional-American-Church-smallI was asked to draw a little white American church by YouTuber, +Chef Tolson, He asked me to draw it on my Drawstuffrealeasy channel.

I’m finding it very hard to keep both channels going, so I’ve decided to bring the two together on this channel and try to do Drawstuffrealeasy on Mondays and see how it goes.

This drawing, of course, is not very easy at all! But, I’ve tried to make it as easy as possible without it being a too simple, 2D face on drawing.

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