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How to draw a Happy Face real easy


Learn how to draw a person with a happy face real easy for kids and beginners.

Drawn with a rOtring Tikky Gtaphic pen.
Get the pen here in the UK
Or here in the USA

How to draw and paint a cartoon teenage girl

This is another full version with the painting at the end added on for my how to draw cartoon people course.

YouTuber Liam Peterson asked me to draw something Rock & Roll. This was the first thing that came to mind – probably not what Liam first though of though! It fits in with the How to draw cartoon people theme so that’s what I thought I would do.

This version has the painting and all the extra illustration, the lettering and the record player etc.

You will find the index for How To Draw Cartoon People here: shooraynerdrawing.com/how-to-draw..