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It’s Christmas on the Wednesday Drawing Show

It’s time to live stream again on the Wednesday Drawing Show!

The Christmas season is upon us here, in the UK. In the USA it’s called Holidays, and elsewhere it its called all sorts of things. I like the City of Birmingham, here in the UK, where you will find a multiplicity of faiths and races. There they call it Winterval. The holiday interval in the winter.

Either way, you can expect lots of Red, Snow, Santa, Trees, Stars and plump robins sitting on snowy fence posts. There are things that we draw again and again over this holiday season, so let’s talk about it today on the Wednesday Drawing Show, and try out some techniques for making Christmas cards and drawings.

Let me know what you want to draw or are having difficulties with and I’ll see if I can help.

Next week it will be the Friday Drawing Show – actually I it will be THE Drawing show – on Friday! This gives me more time in the week to go out and about and prepare. Very much a work in progress as I get to gips with the software.

See the Nativity playlist here

46 Christmas Drawing Ideas!

46 Drawing ideas for Christmas

I have done a lot of drawing videos over the years – Here is a whole playlist for you to choose from. Enjoy and Happy Christmas!

How to Draw a Robin Real Easy

Get ready for Christmas and making Christmas cards with this video showing you how to draw a  Perky Robin sitting on a fence post.

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