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Vote for my next drawing book!

I’d value your opinion as to what theme my next drawing book should be. I’ve done Everyone can draw – Ancient Greece and Halloween so far.

You can vote here on my DrawStuffRealEasy YouTube channel.

There is one definite leader at the moment, not the one I thought it would be!

Everyone Really Can Draw

EveryOneCanDrawCoverSmallshopYes, I really do believe everyone can draw… so much so I wrote the book!

Drawing is much like writing.

Imagine if you had spent as much learning to draw simple shapes as you did learning to draw your letters. Then imagine drawing every day of your school life, the same amount of time you spent learning to make words, sentences, paragraphs, chapters, essays and books out of those simple letter shapes.

Drawing just needs a bit of simple instruction and practice. Everyone who can write or make a mark with a pencil can draw!

Everyone Can Draw makes drawing easy and not scary. Follow the simple progression, page by page, from dots to lines to triangles to squares and circles and you will soon be drawing things you never thought you could.

Then keep coming back to my Youtube channels to learn more!

Everyone Can Draw is now available from the Amazon Kindle Store UK and Amazon US or as a pdf download from this website as a signed book from this website or a book version on Amazon in the UK and Amazon US and all other good bookshops.

Everyone Can Draw – My New Book

Click for more info

Click for more info

You may have seen the videos I made on my DrawStuffRealEasy channel about Euclid, a genius Ancient Greek guy, who devised a brilliant and simple step by step method of teaching geometry.

Those videos made me realise that there is a similar step-by-step way to teach the basics of drawing, that is easy and not scary, if you are really a little bit unsure of your hidden skills.

My new book, Everyone Can Draw, explains the basics of drawing with links to helpful videos on my channels.

I think drawing is like writing – you need to learn the letter shapes to make the words to make the sentences that make sense.

This book will be the foundation of a new style of drawing video that I will be making soon on my DrawStuffRealEasy channel.

Signed copies are available from me for only 4.99 plus postage (that’s around €6 in Europe, or $8.5 in the US and Canada depending on the exchange rate.) The first 30 orders will also get a free poster of me to cheer up your walls!