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Illustrating Baby Dragons

Baby-Dragon-150x150I’m illustrating the final artwork for my upcoming book, Dragon Gold – published by Firefly Press in May. Follow through as I illustrate a page for the book with the dragon in the book, whose name is Tân, which is the Welsh name for Fire. The Welsh for the Welsh Red Dragon is Ddraig Goch – you say that a bit like The-rye-g Goc-h

See my dragon drawing playlist of videos here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zoHizCTkPPM&list=PLuQ9vjXNtWETUedY4-g-TIKbbGmtquIOc&index=1

How to draw a Dragon Real Easy

Harri-SquareHarri would like to know what it feels like to win, just once. Ryan always wins everything. Harri has no chance. Until someone walks into his mum’s shop. Someone almost invisible!

What would you do if your school had a competition to make a dragon – and you had a dragon?

A real, fire-breathing very unpredictable dragon? But you can’t tell anyone…

At 153 pages, this is the longest book I’ve ever written and one of the very first published by Wales’ very first children’s book publisher – Firefly Press.

To celebrate the publication, I’ve spent a bit of time working out an easy way to draw a dragon.If you would like signed copies, just click the add to bag button and it will soon be on its way to you.

Illustrating Dragon Gold

DragonGoldFrontcoverComing soon! I’m working on the final artwork for my new book, Dragon Gold, which will be published in May by Firefly Press, the new and first children’s book publisher in Wales. It’s an honour to have been asked to write one of Firefly’s launch titles and I’ve had a lot of fun writing it.

Harri never wins anything at school, because Ryan’s Dad has a lot of time on his hands and makes sure that Ryan wins everything. Dragon Gold is the story of how Harri and Ryan’s Dad battle it out to win Dragon Gold, the prize for making a model dragon fly for over 10 seconds at the school Eisteddfod.

What’s an Eisteddfod? fireflyWell you’ll have to read the book to find out! It’s set in Wales, in a town that is a mixture of places I know well, like Machynlleth, Portmadoc, many schools and towns in the Valleys of South Wales and my Grandmother’s Birthplace, Hollywell.

In this video I talk a bit about the book and show the techniques I use for the illustrations.