Make Drawing Easier by Drawing Smaller! #OneInchDrawing

Would you like to improve your drawing skills by drawing less each day?

Would you like to speed up your drawing abilities?

Well, you can – and you can do it one inch at a time! An inch?!

In my last video you will have seen me talking to professional illustrator, John Shelly.
I noticed recently, in my Instagram stream, that he was doing 1 inch drawings every single day. They are witty and beautifully executed black-and-white drawings that are only 1 inch square.

In this video I showed you how to make a template for drawing practice sketches in your sketchbook. You can make a template for one inch drawings to make it easier to start drawing.

1 inch drawings are a brilliant way of starting and finishing a drawing. Often, a blank page is so intimidating that we never actually start drawing, or if we do, we get so tired filling a whole page that we never finish the drawing. By drawing just a 1 inch, square drawing you are committing to something small that won’t take too long, something you can probably finish in your tea break – something, even, that you could do every day to post to your social media stream.