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IMPROVE YOUR DRAWING SKILLS – with these 9 EASY drawing exercises

Do you want to improve your drawing skills?
Do you want to motivate yourself to draw something everyday?
Do you want to get your brain into drawing inspiration mode?

Use these nine, easy drawing exercises everyday, to get yourself warmed up and ready to draw something inspirational.

Drawing exercises like these are like learning sales on the piano, they give you the courage, knowledge and confidence to launch out and try something new. Your new idea may or may not work, but at least you tried and these exercises will help you get started. If your idea didn’t work first time, then keep going until it does!

If you are inspired to draw something else half-way through an exercise, that’s great! Come back and finish the exercise tomorrow. Exercises are also about building resilience and stamina. It’s good to see things finished.

Do all this in your sketchbook. Keep your sketchbook and pen at hand all the time. It’s like your instant art studio, always open, always ready for a quick start when inspiration strikes. And it’s always there to remind you of ideas and never lets you forget.YOUR SKETCHBOOK IS YOUR FRIEND! 

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