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Making my Euclid eBook

I thought you might like to see how my Euclid eBook is going, so I made a short video to show how I’m putting it together in iBooks Author, which is a program that comes free from Apple to allow you to make books for the iBooks store easily.

These are essentially ePub 3 books, which can contain video and audio and other multimedia features.

I’m loathe to use all the features as it distracts from the hard work of learning to read. (This eBook is a stealth learning to read book! don’t tell the boys, though!) iBooks Author is quite simple, if you are used to working with layout programs. It has it’s idiosyncrasies, however. I hopping later iterations will get to make things easier.

See what you think.

Join My Newsletter and get a free Ginger Ninja eBook

Some time ago I wrote a new Ginger Ninja story – just a short one, to introduce a new character. There was a bit of interest on maybe making Ginger a TV series. Nothing came of that , but I did have to come up with seven more story ideas and this little story introduced Candy – the local millionaire’s daughter, – who thinks that everything , including Ginger, can be bought.

I read the story again last week. It need a tweak or two and then I thought I would add some illustrations and make it a free eBook to my Newsletter subscribers. All you have to do is fill in the subscribe form on the right and follow the instructions.

Here’s a video about drawing the cover pictures

and here is another video of all the other drawings speeded up.

You’ll find it fits well in iBooks on an iPad. As it is a pdf, it should play on almost any PC, tablet or laptop quite a lot of phones too!  Enjoy 🙂

My First Kindle eBook is live on Amazon

It’s not taken me very long to get my Craig M’nure book sorted out for the Kindle. It took even less to get it uploaded and onto the Amazon Kindle store. about 3 hours – compare that to 2 weeks and counting at the iBooks store for ipad.

The book is available at
US Amazon http://amzn.to/J2cE5h
UK Amazon http://amzn.to/I6wmT0