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My First Kindle eBook is live on Amazon

It’s not taken me very long to get my Craig M’nure book sorted out for the Kindle. It took even less to get it uploaded and onto the Amazon Kindle store. about 3 hours – compare that to 2 weeks and counting at the iBooks store for ipad.

The book is available at
US Amazon http://amzn.to/J2cE5h
UK Amazon http://amzn.to/I6wmT0

The Dizzy DIY iBook work continues

I’ve been so busy the last two weeks, visiting schools for World Book Day, that’ my progress on the Dizzy DIY iBook for iPad has been really held up. Held up so much and I find school visits so exhausting, that I’ve decided to give up school visits for the foreseeable future.

In the video I’m making another video to show how to make origami boxes, like the ones Millie and Bombassa make for Auntie Daz when she comes round for tea. I just need to make another video of how to draw Millie and make an intro sequence and I can start putting the iBook to bed.

I’ve also been working out how to get my ISBN numbers registered and seem to have that sorted. More in the next video.