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Open Letter to the DfE – Re:Secondary School Accountability Consultation

Dear Sirs,

I am most concerned by the downgrading of creative subjects in the educational proposals. Creative subjects have already been turned into academic subjects, to make marking easier for the objectively minded assessors. Children are now encouraged to study the creative work of others, so they can be tested on their knowledge, rather than be creative themselves. If creative subjects themselves are downgraded this country is doomed.

It is the creative industries that keep this island afloat and our heads just above water. If we kill the geese that lay the golden eggs, then our future impoverishment in a global market will be entirely the fault of those making decisions to downgrade creative subjects now.

The future wealth of this country rests in your hands. Downgrading creativity is tantamount to treason.

I hope your consciences let you sleep at night.

with best wishes

Shoo Rayner