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Fabulous review for Euclid – ipad edition

I had a Fabulous review for euclid yesterday, from Ginny Steele, a teacher in Ontario, I just had to share it with you! You can get the ipad version here or you can get the paper book version here

Intro to geometry for primary kids

I was so impressed with the sample pages I bought this book immediately and whizzed through it. This book helps refresh those of us who did geometry a LONG time ago, and puts everything simply enough that you can use it to help your kids learn it too.

The videos are superb instruction in how to construct shapes using a pencil, compass and ruler and bisect lines and angles. All of which is coming for your child in school, so it helps if YOU know how to do it. The great thing about the videos is that your child can select the chapter relevant to their current topic of study, use the video to follow step by step, pause, play and go again as necessary.

The jokes are enjoyably cheesy, perfect for a primary school audience, the comic-book character illustrations and simple animations attractively add to the text and I enjoyed the overall look of the book, which does NOT feel at all ‘textbookish’, but instead manages to get across all the important stuff in a fun story style. At the end of each short chapter is a 3-question quiz designed to point children to the right answers, and if they get it wrong, they can keep checking till they find the right answer. It feels very low pressure and I think children will enjoy it.

Cleverly done, and thank you for creating this book, Mr Rayner.

I highly recommend this book

Euclid – covering all the angles!

I love it when a plan comes together! I’ve been working like crazy to get my Euclid project up and running by the end of the month – why? Well I’m debuting Euclid at the Wigtown Book Festival in Scotland (why not come along?). This will be my third visit to the festival and the organisers now feel like old friends. Because of that I feel safe trying something new with them, and they are being kind in letting me try!

There is nothing like a deadline to get you moving though! I think I made the decision while working on the iPad version of Euclid. I thought it would be great to do book version too, so I looked at the calendar, worked backwards and decided it was do-able.

I’m a week ahead of schedule. The books have arrived, my banner is magnificent, postcards and posters are printed and I’m ready to go – just waiting for the Tee-shirt!

If you would like a signed copy of the book the head over to eBay where I have them for sale. Buy one and you will also receive a Free A3 Poster!

Meanwhile, the ebook for iPad, which contains extra video tutorials, is riding high at number 2 on the Us Science Charts on iTunes – how amazing is that? You can download a preview for free here.

If you would like me to come and visit your school for a Euclid Geometry day full of story and drawing and constructing angles, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Euclid, The Man Who Invented Geometry – now on iPad

After a crazy summer of hard work, my Euclid project is now ready and available on iPad. I think you are going to love this fresh, exciting new way to learn the basics of geometry for Primary and K-6.

You can download the iPad version here right now – a preview is available for free. It’s got off to a good start in the US!

Euclid – The Man Who Invented Geometry
, is loosely based on Euclid’s Elements of Geometry, which nowadays looks like a very complex text book for a secondary, 7-13 age group.

The wonder of Euclid is his axiomatic approach. He starts with the simplest idea – a point in space – then adds another point and joins them with a line (or a segment if you want to be really precise!) By adding simple concepts, Euclid soon builds up the basics of geometry in easy, understandable steps.

This project is written as a story, with the character of Euclid, a genial old fellow, explaining things to his friends, who make terrible geometry jokes as they try to tease their teacher! (What exactly do sausages have to do with geometry?)

The iPad version has videos built in, to help explain the trickier parts of geometric construction.

The paper book is almost ready. It will be premiereing at the Wigtown Book Festival in Scotland on Saturday the 29th. If you’re that way, come along. Otherwise I’m taking bookings for Euclid days in Schools and Libraries, which should be great fun.

Next will come a book on three dimensional models and how to make them – that should be fun! Maybe Pythagorus after that?

This is my first self-published original project and I’m really proud of it. I’ve aimed it at young mathematicians who need a story and a drawing lesson or two and at artists who like a story and need to learn a bit of mathematics. I’m sure your children are going to enjoy learning the beautiful subject of geometry and will soon find themselves to be “Friends of Euclid”too!

The original videos that inspired this project are on YouTube.