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Woolas and Lydnya – A very sad love story

This is the true story of how the Forest of Dean came to be

This is a desperately sad love story that I wrote with the children of Woolaston and Lydney Severnbanks schools back in 2007. you can get a copy here: 

It was part of a European Comenius project to create fairy tales based on our localities.

There used to be a a sculpture in the Forest called the Giant’s Chair. It became unsafe and has been pulled down and turned into charcoal now, but it used to sit high above Coleford. Made of Giant Oak tree trunks, it was our starting point for the story. Who was the Giant that sat on that chair? The story grew and grew.

I hope you enjoy it. If so, why not watch another school created story – Otis, the Laser Bunny 

Preston and Chantelle – a real, live fairy story.

Okay, I admit it – I’m riveted by Chantelle and Preston’s relationship on Big Brother. The pair met on Celebrity Big Brother, some four years ago. He was Prince Charming and she was Cinderella – a girl from nowhere, who got to go to the Royal Ball. Yes, they fell in love and got married and lived happily ever af…

Oh no! It all went wrong after a year and they got divorced. They are now backtogether, in the Big Brother house, and it’s plain to see, they are both hurting and still very much in love. You couldn’t make this stuff up.

As a family, we stand around and watch the kitchen TV, when the stardom-crossed lovers have their moments. We become silent and transfixed, as this ancient fairy tale works itself out in front of our eyes. We don’t know them personally, but in some ways we know them very well, for we all are, or have been, Chantelles and Prestons.

Fairy tales survive the test of time because they are truly great stories that everyone can understand and empathise with. I’m sure that most of the Big Brother audience, are willing them on, hoping they will get back together, pick up their lives and move on – to live happily ever after.