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The Cat That Walked By Himself – Rudyard Kipling – Just So Stories – Read Along

The Cat is the wildest Animal in the Wild Wet Woods. But when he sees the Man and Woman living in a warm, dry cave, he starts thinking about how he can join them…

A fresh, new retelling of the classic Just So Story. The author, Rudyard Kipling, also wrote the Jungle Book over a hundred years ago. The Cat that Walked by Himself has been re-written, illustrated and told by award – winning British children’s author and illustrator, Shoo Rayner, to bring it up to date with more modern ideas, language and idioms while keeping all the essential fun, language and playfulness of the original.

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Ysgol Emmanuel, Rhyl

Thursday afternoon I visited Ysgol Emmanual, in Rhyl. This was organised by the Family learning group session.

Melyndra Standring, who organised the event, and kindly looked after me, was hoping we may get twenty families signed up. It’s easy to get a class of children to come and sit down and listen to a story, but it’s quite different to get the children to organise parents and carers to come into school for the afternoon. By Wednesday morning, we were fearing the worst and thought that we would only have about ten families.

We were greeted at the school by a happy Bernadette Thomas who informed us that seventy five families were coming! Duh! Melyndra didn’t have enough paperwork and had to quickly photocopy some more forms! I had met quite a few of the children on previous visits to Rhyl Library and their teachers had reminded them and shown them the drawings I had done for them before. I think that preparation was the cause of such a success.

When all the forms were filled in and everyone was settled down, I told the Rudyard Kipling Just So Story of How the Whale got His Tale, that I’ve revised and re illustrated. Then I got everyone to have a go at drawing the whale – adults too! They were fabulous drawings. Many of the adult’s told me they hadn’t done any drawing since they left school – such a shame, and one of the reasons I do my drawing school.. I think adults are scared of drawing and making a fool of themselves but, like any other skill, they just need someone to show them how.

It was a very special afternoon for me, seeing all the families joining in – there were quite a few dads there too, which is quite unusual. Well done kids for nagging the grown-ups and getting them organised and into school for the afternoon. Grown-ups can be such hard work sometimes – eh?

Thanks to everyone who finally got this session organised. It was quite a few months in the making. Good luck with the rest of the project and have a great day out for all those who last the course!

(Jelly fish was on the beach. I forgot to take and photos of the event!)

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