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Make Your h.264 Video Downloads Start Playing Immediately

This video website business is quite confusing for a non-tech head! I just noticed that my videos are having to completely download before they start playing. Well, I’ve solved the problem.

How To Make Your Video Downloads Start Playing Immediately:

I’d rejigged my output to use h.264 mp4 video. Unfortunately Quicktime puts the indexing info at the end of the video so you have to wait ’til it’s all in the player before it knows what to do. The solution is really simple and free.

Get the Adobe AIR application called QTIndexSwapper that I found on Renaun Erickson’s blog. It is free to download and it is very easy to use. You just browse for the MP4 file you want and within seconds,produces a wonderful a new file that does the job! Good luck with your videos and if you have no idea what I’m talking about, then relax in the knowledge that you live a much simpler and far less hassled life than me!

Drawing School – off to a good start!

I’m really surprised. I zeroed all my videos on Drawing School yesterday, and when I went into the admin to see how they were doing, I’ve served about 200 videos since. That’s pretty amazing since I’ve only mentioned it here and on Facebook. I’ve not set up a link to my site yet as it’s still under construction. Maybe all the effort will be worthwhile.