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Longsight Big Book Bash on 21st June

Longsight Stanley Grove Big Book BashI visited Stanley Grove Academy last year and had the pleasure of opening their new library as well as spending a couple of days telling stories, talking about writing and showing how to draw things.

They have asked me back! This time to open their Big Book Bash – a whole afternoon of book related fun and wonder! I gather there will be a Ricky Rocket rocket in the opening parade through Longsight, which is east of Manchester, that starts at 2.00pm – I can’t wait to see that

Each year has chosen a different book to work on so there will be displays and activities based on those.

In the evening I’ll be reading a bed time story before the whole event finishes at 8.00pm. No doubt I’ll have some film and pictures of the day to show you afterwards.

If you live in the area and love books – I’ll look forward to seeing you there!


Learn to draw a crumpet

crumpetsmall“What’s a crumpet?” I hear you say, Shame on you. Crumpets are the most delicious teatime bread/cake/bun – not sure what to call it. They are a little rubbery and they have holes in the top side. When toasted, butter melts into the holes. Lovely covered with jam, jelly, marmalade, honey or, I suppose, even peanut butter.

When you bite into a crumpet the melted butter will drip down your chin and all over your fingers and clothes! delicious! Watch the video and learn how to draw one!