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One million views for one video!

I have just had my first million view video! I think most of the views have come from India and places where a signature has not been much of a thing, but now, as the internet has come along with western ideas, people are having to learn what a signature is and how to do one.

I’m asked at least once a day to design someone’s signature for them – how ever much I stress it in the video, no one can design your signature – it has to come from you!

Here is the video for you to enjoy!

3 easy ways to improve your handwriting right now


There are three things you can do to make your handwriting clearer and easier to read right now.

1. Get a pen that suits your hand and your writing style.

2. You probably have picked up a million bad habits with your joined up writing, so union your letters and let your words be understood.

3. Take your time. Writing is not a race. The idea is to leave marks that you and others can interpret as words. Even so they can be read in 1000 years time!

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How to design your own amazing Monogram

design your own amazing monogramMany people tell me they have really difficult names from which to create interesting signatures. The answer is to turn your initials into a monogram. Is a quick, simple and elegant solution.

When you have designed your monogram, practice it over and over again, day after day until you can do it in your sleep. As you do, it will become smoother and more designery and your friends will be impressed – especially if you write it with a flourish!

Click the picture to download the images from the video to print out for yourself.

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