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How to Draw Hearts – The Wednesday Drawing Show 6th Feb 2013

heartI know it’s a little early for Valentine’s stuff, but you don’t want to get caught out on the 14th of February having not made a card for the one you love! So, to get you prepared, today’s show is all about hearts. Actually it’s really all about shading and colouring with the heart shape used as an example to show a few simple drawing and colouring techniques.

This week’s Drawing task is to draw a few hearts and see if you can design something a little different for Valentine’s Day. How many heart designs have there been over the years? Millions I should think!

When you have your design go to upload page and upload your drawing for all to see. I’m now doing a regular round up of these drawing in the Sunday Gallery Review Show, so go and have a look at all the amazing creativity from The Wednesday Viewers too.

Also includes, what’s in the mail? And the Snake Drawings that were missed off last Sunday’s Gallery Show