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How to draw a World War 1 Tank

Draw-a-WW1-tanksmlI’m sure many people will be wanting to draw a WW1 tank as the centenary of the first world war is upon us. This one is fairly simple. I shall do another more action scene too soon. If you would like me to draw more WW1 things, let me know in the comments

Around the world by Zeppelin

In case you missed it, you can still see Around the World by Zeppelin a fabulous film about a 21 day round the world voyage by the Graf Zeppelin in 1929.

The story is told from the viewpoint of the young journalist Lady Grace Drummond-Hay, reporting for the Hearst media empire. The film is based upon her letters and diaries and told exclusively through archival and newsreel film from the time, this film relives the incredible voyage.

It is told in a wonderfully slow and graceful way and has some astonishingly ephemeral moments that must have seemed trivial at the time, but are now a fascinating insight into the times. You can see it on BBC iplayer here

eBooks get kids reading


Here’s something to scare the pants off my author friends! I was wondering last night about the Nuss (see previous word of the day – my daughter says it should be nEss) of being an author.
How much of the desire to be an author is bound up in the physical property of a book? If books were replaced by downloads, intangible bits of data that you can’t find on a shelf in a library or bookshop, would so many people spend so much time and effort getting their first story published?

I think there is a difference between authors and writers. Writers can’t help themselves. Authors are people who have their names on books.

The author status is not the same in film or tv or computer games or the state as it is in the physical ness of being a proper book author.

The same goes for artwork. However beautiful a digital image it’s status will never compare with a real thing that you can hold or walk around. Or am I just of an older generation holding on to the old ways, while the new generation grasp new images and means of delivery without the burden of history?

If so, why, when we see something amazing on the internet, do we immediately click through to easyjet and book a flight to see the real thing?