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The Killer Cat Flap – Scaredy Cats Story

Here is another story from my Scaredy Cats book.

Are you brave enough to watch and hear the story of a lizard who feasts on the flesh of Felines!? He may be terrifying, but even he is left speechless by the the KILLER CAT FLAP!

Buy signed copies direct from Shoo or via Amazon links.

Buy signed copies direct from Shoo or via Amazon links.

The Terrifying Story of Frankatstein – Scaredy Cats

This is the first tale in a terrifying series from my book, Scaredy Cats – Nine Tales – Nine Lives – One Book!

Kendo and Suki are not only Professor Frankastein’s adorable cats, they are also his special assistants, helping with his in his life-long goal to create life itself, catching mice and rats for him to experiment on!

If you would like to get the book – signed copies with free poster are available here.

Or from Amazon in the UK


Bluebeard’s Cat – A Horror Story for Halloween!

As the full moon calls, each cat slinks through the shadows to where the storyteller waits.

Will you stay in your cosy bed? Or dare you go and join the Scaredy Cats and hear the tale of Bluebeard’s Cat and her master’s nasty, creepy secret! Watch and listen as Shoo reads this gruesome story. Are you prepared?


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When you are finished, maybe you’d like to watch and learn how to Draw Bluebeard’s Cat in the video below: