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The Terrifying Story of Frankatstein – Scaredy Cats

This is the first tale in a terrifying series from my book, Scaredy Cats – Nine Tales – Nine Lives – One Book!

Kendo and Suki are not only Professor Frankastein’s adorable cats, they are also his special assistants, helping with his in his life-long goal to create life itself, catching mice and rats for him to experiment on!

If you would like to get the book – signed copies with free poster are available here.

Or from Amazon in the UK


Scaredy Cats – My new Kickstarter Publishing Project

I’m making a book of 9 classic scary stories with audio & video versions to frighten cats, children and adults too!

Go to http://bit.ly/ScaredyCatsKickStarter for all the details and rewards

I wrote a series of eight books a while back that were published by Orchard Books. To make the series work, Scaredy Cats needed to become stories within stories, but I’ve always found them a bit difficult to read that way – especially reading aloud. You can see what I mean in the video retelling of Bluebeard’s Cat below.

Scaredy Cats was a series of eight books for young readers and I had nine stories (as cats have nine lives!) In this KickStarter project I’m asking for your support so I can make one book of about 130 pages – a collection of all the Scaredy Cat stories plus The House of Mirrors – the story that got away. I’ll also be making audio recordings and new video retellings.

I’ve thought long and hard about how you might like to support this project and have come up with what I think are fun and exciting rewards. I’ll be keeping you in touch with the whole process, so you will really feel that you have been a part of it all.

All videos and audio rewards will be free of the usual links and advertising you would find on YouTube or Audible.

I hope you will want to support this KickStarter project. Go to http://bit.ly/ScaredyCatsKickStarter for all the details and rewards.

I have specially commissioned the music in the video at the top of this page from the very talented Chris Wonfor – http://www.youtube.com/cleffernotes – make sure you watch it to the end!

How to Make a Scary Mummy Mask

Click to download Mummy Mask

Click to download Mummy Mask

Here is a video showing you how to make a scary Mummy Mask! It also shows you how to measure the eye and mouth holes so they fir you perfectly. If you think it’s too much effort to draw your own, you can click the picture and download your own pdf version for you to cut out, colour in and scare the life out of your friends and relations – Please scare responsibly
Here are links to The Derwent Aquatones and fabulous water brushes.