Illustrating Dragon Gold

DragonGoldFrontcoverComing soon! I’m working on the final artwork for my new book, Dragon Gold, which will be published in May by Firefly Press, the new and first children’s book publisher in Wales. It’s an honour to have been asked to write one of Firefly’s launch titles and I’ve had a lot of fun writing it.

Harri never wins anything at school, because Ryan’s Dad has a lot of time on his hands and makes sure that Ryan wins everything. Dragon Gold is the story of how Harri and Ryan’s Dad battle it out to win Dragon Gold, the prize for making a model dragon fly for over 10 seconds at the school Eisteddfod.

What’s an Eisteddfod? fireflyWell you’ll have to read the book to find out! It’s set in Wales, in a town that is a mixture of places I know well, like Machynlleth, Portmadoc, many schools and towns in the Valleys of South Wales and my Grandmother’s Birthplace, Hollywell.

In this video I talk a bit about the book and show the techniques I use for the illustrations.

How to draw a Viking Dragon with Runes

VikingDragonYesterday I visited Redbrook School, close to where I live in the Forest of Dean. I was telling them tales about Vikings in my Viking Vik series of Books. So I thought I’d continue my Dragon series with a Viking knot type drawing of a dragon with Runes all down the inside.

If you would like to do something similar, I’ll be posting the Runic Alphabet design on Friday so come back then.

How to Draw dragons

tanI’ve just finished writing a story for my new publishers, Firefly Press. The story has a dragon at the heart of it, so now I have to draw the cover of the book and I’ve had to start thinking about the illustrations inside too.

I started doodling dragons to get in the mood, and soon realised what it is I find difficult about drawing them. It’s the wings!

If dragons are of this world, they must have evolved from a common ancestor to lizards or Komodo dragons of today. But their wings will not work the same way as a bird or a bat, whose wings are their arms or front legs. In the case of the bat the skin is stretched between it’s very long fingers.

So how do the wings work on a four legged dragon? They already have front legs so the wings must have evolved from something different entirely, or they are from a different world altogether?

How to draw a dragon – Drawing School

A new video for you. How to draw a dragon – this was hard to fit into ten minutes and is probably quite hard to do, but I’ve noticed I get a lot of hits on my website from people looking to know how to draw dragons – so here you are. Enjoy. If you like it, please rate it with the stars on the top left hand corner. why not subscribe to my YouTube channel? It helps me with my ratings if you do.