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How to Draw Red Kite in Flight

Learn how to draw a Red Kite in flight with step by step instructions.

This is for Miss Ibotson from Warmington asked me to draw a Badger, a Fox and Red Kite here’s the link for the badger  and here is the fox.

And for Laura Sheldon from Llantwit Major who asked me to draw birds in flight. Two stones with one bird!

How to draw a swallow in flight

Learn how to draw a swallow in flight and then paint it in watercolour

I saw my first swallow yesterday, which does not make a summer, but it’s always a great and cheering site to see them back for the summer.

I’m also drawing illustrations for a new book written by Michael Morpurgo at the moment. It’s a series called Mudpuddle Farm, and there are swallows in the story, which I have been drawing this week. See more here 

Also if you want to draw clouds, try this video

Here is a great video about swallows
and a brilliant bbc video of Swallows Drinking While Flying – Slow Mo!