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How to draw a bunch of flowers in 3d Perspective

To draw a bunch of flowers and make it look 3d in perspective, you need to think of each flower as a disk. The face of a disk looks like a circle, but as you turn it up and down or to the side, the circle changes into an ellipse.

Try cutting out your own circle and draw a flower on to it to see how it works.

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HOW TO DRAW THE FLOWER OF LIFE – Simple step by step instructions

Learn how to draw the beautiful Flower of Life, a simple geometric pattern upon which so many flower designs are based.

Clematis, lilies, daffodils and snowdrops, as well as thousands of other flowers, are based on the flower of life geometric pattern.

This simple pattern is the basis of a never ending pattern that some say represents eternal, expanding life. Geometry is at the heart of so much in nature and in art too. Forget about the math, just enjoy the beauty of the design!