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How to Draw a Dining Table


This is the second in my How to draw tables video sequence. It still fits into the shape of a box, but it has the corners rounded off. Also the legs are a bit more fancy!

Draw a table (Draw Tables #1)
Draw a Dining Table (Draw Tables #2)
Draw a Round Dining Table (Draw Tables #3)
Draw a Small Round Table (Draw Tables #4)
Draw a Coffee Table (Draw Tables #5)

How to draw the Universe in 52 seconds


I was challenged to draw space with the solar system and a black hole by Jasmine Ahmed. I thought I could go one better and draw the whole universe. I did it in 52 seconds…How? That’s the awesome power of infinity!

In case this blows your mind then you might like to watch these infinity videos:
The Infinite Hotel paradox – Hilbert’s Hotel:

Math is great when it doesn’t involve having to make stuff add up – I never could do that at school!

Just a bit of Tuesday Fun

How to draw a skull from the front real easy

How to draw a skull from the front. The pen I use is a rOtring Tikky Graphic.

You can get them here in the USA 
And here in the UK

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