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HOW TO DRAW A PLASTIC STACKING CHAIR – easy step by step instructions

Learn how to draw a P1 plastic stacking chair using the simple method of sketching out the space that it fills first.

The base of a chair roughly fills a cube so we will start with that and work out how to draw this curvy, organic-shaped chair.

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Is storytelling the secret to illustration? Meet Renita Boyle Live

The teabag I painted in this session!

On my live drawing show today, I’ll be talking to storyteller extraordinaire, Renita Boyle. We will talk about the role of storytelling in drawing and illustration, we’ll discuss mental health for creatives and we’ll be doing interesting things with Tea bags! (As well as having a cup of tea!)

How to Bisect an Angle with a Compass

In this video I will show you how to bisect an angle with my amazing new compass that was sent to me by my Patreon patron, Dylan.

Compass unboxing and review video

Dylan’s amazing website

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