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How to draw & paint Peter Rabbit like Beatrix Potter

Learn how to draw Beatrix Potter’s most well known and well-loved character, Peter Rabbit.


If you don’t know the story, watch my retelling below. What happens when naughty Peter goes into Mr MacGregor’s garden?


How to Draw and Paint a Crow in Watercolour

CrowSml This Painting is currently for sale! [add_to_cart item=”4″ quantity=”user:1″ ]

This video was requested by YouTuber, portal2canttouchtis, who asked me to show how to draw a crow. I thought I would do better than that, I’d show you how to paint one too! It took much longer than I thought it would, so I split the video into two parts. Part one shows how to draw the crow and part two shows how I painted it with a running commentary on my thought process, choosing colours and styles of applying paint.

I hope you like this. If you do, let me know and also let me know if you would like me to do something on my monday videos on the ShooRayner channel on YouTube.