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Sketch Live Action – Watch live drawing and watercolour sketching tennis coaching

See how easy it is to get out your pen and paints and begin sketching live action… as it happens! Live! In front of you! For real!

Mrs Rayner took up tennis a year ago and most Fridays she goes to the tennis club for a group coaching session.

Last week I joined her, but Instead of a racket, I took my pens and paints and sketched the action as it happened.

Tennis is a fast moving game. so you have to watch and see the poses that you like and then take a mental picture and then just get on with it. The player is still there to get the clothing and hair details from, but you have to remember the pose as best as possible – maybe watch other players to see if they adopt a similar pose in the meantime.

The secret is to just do it. Most people will be amazed that you are even having a go – they wouldn’t dare. And you will only improve by doing it.

In the meantime, you are building your muscle memory, building a memory portfolio for future projects and you are getting to know your materials intimately.

I sketched for about and hour and a half and was quite tired at the end. Brain work is the hardest work! Have a go yourself this weekend!

There maybe a court in your local park. Just ask the players if they mind you sketching them. They will be thrilled! Let them take a photo on their phones afterwards… they’ll have a story to dine out on!

How to sketch on the beach – draw along with me

I was looking through my sketchbooks and I really like this sketch of my niece and great nephew that I drew on a glorious day near Tenby in SouthWales.

It’s not a photograph. It doesn’t particularly look like them, but it captures a moment and an essence of their personality that anyone who knows them would recognise.

Sketching is about looking and understanding and this comes from doing it. You can practice by sketching from photographs, but that will make you want to copy the image rather than the essence of the scene.

The subjects move about and the sun changes the lighting and the shadows and people have a habit of sitting down in front of you so you can’t see anymore, so you have to snap and image in your mind’s eye and work from that, just checking for detail now and then.

Sketching can be really simple. It’s not meant to be a masterpiece. It’s not a picture to hang on the wall (though it might turn out to be good enough) It’s a note to yourself – a memory of something that caught your eye, something you might use again another time.

It’s a statement of understanding and knowledge. “I saw this – I understood it and I drew it.”

How to Sketch a Person Sitting at a Table – full watercolour tutorial

In this video I show you how to sketch a person sitting at a garden table using ink and watercolour. I

nspired by this week’s DrawStuffRealEasy videos of a folding chair and cafe table

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