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How to stretch watercolour paper


paperstrecthEver painted a picture and the paper all wrinkles up on you? Here’s the solution you’ve been looking for!

You probably decided water-colour painting wasn’t worth the effort because the paper crinkled. Well well, now you can go back and try again and have wonderful professional results. And it is amazing how much better a simple picture looks when it is neat and flat!

Dampen the back of the paper and lay it on a board, damp side down.

Then glue it to the table with wetted, gummed paper tape. Let it all dry so the paper stretches nice and tight and start painting. When you are finished, let it dry out slowly then carefully cut it off the board with a craft knife. And … Voila! A lovely, flat masterpiece!

The paper I use in this video is really cheap, thin photocopy paper. You can do this with bristol or cartridge paper or watercolour paper. The higher the quality of the paper, the better the finished result will be.