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How to draw until you burst! – Illustration Friday

This week’s Illustration Friday subject was “BURST” which I found quite hard to do – balloons were the obvious choice but I didn’t want to be obvious. But then I began playing around with the word and realised that the letter u is already burst, as it is open at the top. so maybe I could use the letters of the word as balloons?

How to draw from your imagination

illustration of imaginationThis week’s subject for www.illustrationfriday.com is “Imagination”.

That’s actually a really hard subject to get to grips with. T obvious this is something in a thought bubble. I tried to get away from that idea, but it is so obvious. So I had a go at making a positive out of what I considered a negative and made the character’s head a thought bubble – a person who is so imaginative that they have become part of their imagination!

As I played with the idea, more bubble shapes came to mind, so I built the picture up from there. It’s drawn in pen and grey Copic Markers.

Watch the video for more about the thought process and the technique I use to draw the finished illustration. Why not have a go yourself. If you make a video about your illustration on Youtube, make sure to make it a video response to mine. I promise I’ll reciprocate. It would be fun to expand Illustration Friday onto YouTube.