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We don’t need no imagination

I saw a tweet yesterday that quite took my breath away. It was from Martin Daws, the Young People’s Laureate for Wales. The tweet was as follows:Imagination-tweet

“Year 7 Student today “we don’t need imagination, we’ve got phones and stuff”

I don’t need to explain what is so very wrong about that statement or why it is wrong on so many levels.

As Computers become more and more “clever” and take over more and more of the mundane, everyday tasks, imagination is all we will be left with to be able to compete and outwit other nations, cultures and even the machines themselves.

This Year 7 will probably end up with VR goggles and intravenous feeding tubes, their only purpose in life to be an audience for those who retain and make use of their imagination.

STEM and Academic qualifications will mean nothing in twenty years time. Imagination and free thinking will be king – assuming we are still allowed to think for ourselves. These are “interesting times”, as the Chinese curse puts it, and they are getting more “interesting” by the day.


How to draw from your imagination

illustration of imaginationThis week’s subject for www.illustrationfriday.com is “Imagination”.

That’s actually a really hard subject to get to grips with. T obvious this is something in a thought bubble. I tried to get away from that idea, but it is so obvious. So I had a go at making a positive out of what I considered a negative and made the character’s head a thought bubble – a person who is so imaginative that they have become part of their imagination!

As I played with the idea, more bubble shapes came to mind, so I built the picture up from there. It’s drawn in pen and grey Copic Markers.

Watch the video for more about the thought process and the technique I use to draw the finished illustration. Why not have a go yourself. If you make a video about your illustration on Youtube, make sure to make it a video response to mine. I promise I’ll reciprocate. It would be fun to expand Illustration Friday onto YouTube.