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iTunes Front Page

I’m indebted to writer and illustrator, Mark Burgess, for noticing that The Ginger Ninja is on the front page of the iTunes store today!

What a thrill and an honour! And look at the company that he’s keeping! Charlie and Lola, Harry and his dinosaurs and Elmer – that’s a pretty great list to be along side. If you would like to get a copy for your iPad, then here’s the link http://bit.ly/TheGingerNinja

Millie and Bombassa iBooks go live on iTunes!

I’ve been waiting weeks for Millie and Bombassa Dizzy DIY to be approved on the iTunes iBook Store and today it has gone live. And then, after just a few days, the second Millie and Bombassa book, Air Scare, has gone live to. My cup runneth over and I feel joy abounding!! Click the pictures to go to the iBooks store.

Bombassa is a lazy but loveable rhino. Millie is a sensible but sweet bird. Together they make a great pair!

These stories have consistently been at the top of my Library borrowing statistics as they are read again and again. I know they are much loved. I love Bombassa – He’s kind of my grumpy, don’t want to get out of bed side of me, while Millie is the side of me that sees me still working at quarter to 11 on a Friday night!

You Can see me reading the Dizzy DIY here.

Each story contains a drawing video and a quiz, and Dizzy DIY has a video showing you how to make an origami box.

If you like these books, please leave a comment on iTunes. It really does help.

Making my first iBook with iBook Author

Apple have just introduced their new iBook Author software. I downloaded it today and I’m already halfway through producing my first iBook! It’s very easy to use. one or two oddities, but soon got them sorted out. have a look at the video and see what you think: