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Old jokes are still funny!

Some old jokes are still funny. I’m currently working on updating the Christmas Stocking Joke Book, which was a number 3 best seller back in 1989 when it fist came out – beaten by Matilda and Prince Caspian!

I now have the rights back and I’m updating it to bring out this Christmas – probably a bit late! Some of the jokes are very dated – some are now politically incorrect – though I’m surprised how few – and some are still very funny – well, they made me titter then and still do now.

My favourite so far?

Grandad suffers terribly from wind, so we bought him a kite for Christmas!

I know, there is still a nine year old boy inside desperate to get out.

Of the new jokes I’m thinking of adding, I just can’t quite decide if I should put in:

What does Miley Cyrus eat on Christmas Day?

What do you think?

If you’d like a copy of the old edition try here:

April Statistics

I’ve often mentioned what a statistics junkie I am. Today I had a surprise when logging into my blogs back office. My statistics are provided for me by the wonderful people at wordpress.org. My statistics for today seemed to have gone bonkers for today. The bar on the graph had gone ballistic, but strangely, the numbers were about where I thought they would be.

Then I realised the date. April 1st – April fool’s day. Very funny guys!