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My First Kindle eBook is live on Amazon

It’s not taken me very long to get my Craig M’nure book sorted out for the Kindle. It took even less to get it uploaded and onto the Amazon Kindle store. about 3 hours – compare that to 2 weeks and counting at the iBooks store for ipad.

The book is available at
US Amazon http://amzn.to/J2cE5h
UK Amazon http://amzn.to/I6wmT0

Why you shouldn’t read free ebooks

It’s obvious really, The reason you shouldn’t read free e-book’s, is because they are mostly rubbish. If you think about it , how can anybody afford to write a book and give it away for free? There has to be a reason. Either they are complete junk or they are trying to sell you something.

Many free e-book’s that you see are really only a few pages encouraging you to download the rest of the book, possibly leaving you open to viruses. Otherwise they are sponsored by corporations or countries you may not wish to be influenced by.

Many of the free e-book’s I’ve looked at are Chinese Communist Party propaganda, aimed at bringing up children in a “certain way”. These are usually translated into English by German companies and have Canadian/Chinese voice-overs that are hysterically bland and are not aware of western intonations, so you can get some very strange double entendres.

The big problem with the books at the moment is that anyone who can get hold of the rights to “content” is piling into the market, trying to get a foothold while the gold rush is on. Anyone can make an e-book and, it seems, just about everybody is! Some of the free e-books I’ve looked at can only be described as execrable!

In life you get what you pay for, and that goes for e-book’s as well as everything else. And if you don’t want to pay, don’t be surprised if all you get is rubbish, because the people you rely on to produce quality “content” still need to eat at the end of the day.

So you’re probably wondering what would be a good e-book to download? Well, I’m biased but I would recommend the Ginger Ninja on the iBooks store. (I’d put a link, but they don’t really work!)

Oh dear! Does it looks like I’m trying to sell you something 🙂