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Creating a Landscape Illustration for Children’s Books – The international Space School – Redesign

Following on from last videos version of my fantasy landscape for the International Space school in my upcoming books “GENERATION MOON” this is a completely revised design.

I went right back to my initial vision and simplified it, having decided that I could use a big, wide landscape on the title page that would provide the setting for the majority of the book right from the start. Also, there might not be a suitable double page to get it all in later on. Two birds with one stone.

I am much happier with this now, and can get on with the cover design now – see the next post!

How to draw a 3d landscape from a 2d plan

Carol Deml asked me how to draw a 3d landscape from a 2 d garden plan. So many people have asked me about landscapes in the backgrounds of drawing that I thought it was about time a made a video about it.

I am very spatially aware, so most of this comes to me without thinking. I can look at a floor plan and do a sketch for you, but not everyone can.

The way to do it is by making a floor plan and then transposing it to a 3d perspective plan and work it out from there.

If you are still confused, you need to watch my free everyone can draw course here 

I appreciate this might be a bit confusing, so let me know if and where you are having trouble and I’ll see if I can improve or refine the idea for you.

You can download a Hi res scan pdf of the images on my pattern page