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How to Draw Otis, the Laser Bunny

At last a new video on my drawstuffrealeasy channel showing you how to draw Otis the Laser Bunny, the hero of a silly story and animation I’ve been working out with year 2 ( 7 year olds) at The Archbishop Rowan Williams School in Portskewett, Wales.

Have fun drawing and go to see the story at https://youtu.be/nDURoFb-G-A and makes sure you like and subscribe while you are there – thanks!


Creative Learning Through The Arts

small-bunnyYou may not be aware of it, but Wales is undergoing a radical change in its school curriculum. The Creative Learning Through the Arts Action Plan is a brave move to enhance creativity in the population, having realised that the creative industries are where the future lies.

I’m doing my little bit to get creativity up and flowing again in Welsh schools at the The Archbishop Rowan Williams Church in Wales Primary School in Portskewett.

We are working on a project called Imagine/Notice. I misheard this as Imagine Otis. So that’s what I’m getting the children to do – imagine who or what Otis/Otys/Otice/Oteece is. We’ve had some really wonderful ideas so far.

With Year Two, who are about seven years old, I took a few of the children’s themes and put them together. From that union the story of Otis, the Laser Bunny, grew.

I was thinking about it over half term and came up with the name, Snip-Snap Wolf, and thought perhaps I should write my own version of the story. I then went ahead and made the little animation in the video above.

Amongst other things, the children will be making books out of their stories, which I’m so looking forward to seeing and probably sharing here in time.