Getting Ready for the Moon Landing Celebrations

It is almost 50 years since the moon landings. In the weeks leading up to it, I will be having my own little celebration, tidying up Ricky Rocket, my early reader series set in the year 3,000.

Ricky and his family encounter most of the problems that kids and families do today, but in a spacey, hi-tech way! Ricky is a feisty kid who is not afraid to try new things and take control.

Above is my latest video, a read-along-with-Shoo storytelling of the the day Ricky learned to fly without stabilisers. Dad sort of helps, but mostly gets in the way! It’s a story every child who ever learned to ride a bike will empathise with.

The story is available in my three book bind up – Ricky Rocket Rocks the Planet – signed copies with free Ricky Rocket poster are available in my own bookstore.

I’m planning to make Apollo drawing videos over the next few weeks. If there is something you would like me to draw to help your school or homeschool or homework project, let me know and I’ll give you a shout out on the video!

To see more Ricky Rocket videos go to the YouTube Playlist.

You can also get the book from Amazon – follow the links below:

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What’s the point of Libraries in Secondary Schools?

The Libraries All Party Parliamentary Group has called, as a minimum, for every child in the UK to have a good library in their secondary school.

It really does make you wonder how people are allowed to waste time and money coming up with such drivel.

First, make sure there is a library in every primary school and a librarian who understands what children like to read and who knows how to excite and enthuse children’s appetites, to turn them into confident self-starting readers.

Then, and only then, when the children are literate and have become readers, make sure they have libraries in secondary schools.

Libraries in secondary schools that are full of children who have not learned to read past a page of text are going to be empty libraries.

Create readers when they are still full of enthusiasm and soaking up knowledge and habits and you will find we start to top those international education tables again, which is all that politicians really care about anyway.

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Ricky Rocket – space-themed readers


Are you planning a space project in school this year? If you are, you may well be looking for space-themed readers to excite your children.

Ricky Rocket is the only human boy on the Planet of Hammerhead – He lives a pretty normal life with his Mum, Dad and horrid little sister, Sue, but his classmates are aliens from all over the Universe, his teacher, Mizz Fizz, is a robot and Ricky flies to school in his own rocket – with stabilisers!

ricky_Rocket_maskThese books are perfect for reading aloud and for newly confident readers to finish in a confidence-building sitting. They are funny, fast paced and loved by children all across the Universe! Get signed copies here with free Ricky Rocket Posters

There are colouring-in sheets available here, and a how to draw Ricky Rocket video at the bottom of this page.