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How to draw a Werewolf

werewolf-SmallOh No! It’s full moon and the werewolves come out tonight! Learn to draw a werewolf – it won’t protect you but you might have a bit of fun. If you are doing the Summer Reading Challenge this will be good to get you in the mood for reading Creepy House stuff!

If you don’t know what to read next, try The Swamp Man in my Little Horrors series!
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Little Horrors!

LittleHorrorsLOgoSmlI was childishly pleased when I came up with the series title, Little Horrors. They’re horror stories for small children, whom we often call little horrors themselves. Actually there’s no horror in them at all, just the suggestion. They are meant to be funny with moments of doubt… Shiver with fear.. shake with laughter, as the series slogan goes!

I love reading these stories to Key Stage 1 children. Some hug each other, some pose and pretend they aren’t scared, some burst into tears, but most laugh and join in with the noises and actions. Sadly the publishers, Orchard Books decided not to reprint. But that gave me the opportunity to bring the stories back to life again.

Online, print-on-demand publishing is an amazing thing. The first book in the series, The Swamp Man in now available in old fashioned print and as an ebook for the iPad. When I discovered the Open Dyslexic Font, I made it available as a Dyslexic font edition on the ipad too. The type is weighted so the letters behave themselves and sit on the line and the page colour is cream.

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SWamp-Man-coversmlThe Swamp Man – Little Horrors book.
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How to draw the amazing Spider Man!

The movie and comic book Spiderman are copyright, I’m afraid, so I’ can’t show you how to draw him. But I wrote my own book called “The Spider Man” in my series called Little Horrors. It’s about a creepy guy who is a spider expert and keeps spiders in jam-jars in his pockets! So I can show you how to draw him! Im hoping to do the Little Horrors series as ebooks for iPad quite soon.