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Drawing challenge live


I went live drawing with my son, Ted, on Saturday. We challenged each other to draw stupid things and answered questions from the chat stream. Enjoy!

My First Live YouTube Event


Last night I did my first live show, something I’ve been planning for a while.

Actually I boasted that I would one day have my own TV channel in about 1982 – I knew the internet was coming and had somehow got a vision in my head of what the world would be like when all the world’s computers were connected. Since most of my friends had never seen a computer, let alone used one then, they thought I was mad!

I should have gone into the tech business – I’d be a trillionaire now!

Anyway, my poor computer was running at full speed encoding the show and uploading to YouTube, so it was very hot!

Doing a live show on your own is hard – so many things to think about. While I’m talking about something or drawing, the comments are building up. I could spend the whole show just saying hello and waving to each commenter!

This was a huge learning experience. Many thanks to all those who were watching and commenting. It’s your comments that make the show. There were so many names popping up that I’ve been replying to for years. It was almost like having you all in the room.

I had viewers from all over the world – mostly the Western world, but there was one viewer in Zambia, four in Thailand on in Malaysia. None from the Middle East, where I know I have quite a few viewers.

Maybe it was a bit late for them. I shall have to try an earlier time once in a while.

I’m sure things will calm down as I get used to how it all works.

I lost audio at one point. This was because I’d not associated my microphone with the shot that shows my screen. It’s these little technical things that are hard to get right before the show.

Overall, I think it went very well for a first attempt, certainly better than my very first YouTube video!

Next week will be the Tuesday Drawing show and I’ll make it 8.00 PM UK time to give those in the US a bit longer to wake up!

If you have any ideas of what you would like or how I can make it a better show, please feel free to comment below.

Here are the links for the Pencil Sharpeners: