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How to get really, really good at drawing – or anything else!

Edvard Munch – The Scream – How many times did he draw something to develop this final image?

I’ve been up to London a couple of times recently and saw the Munch and Manga exhibitions at the British Museum as well as their show of Rembrandt Drawing and etchings.

Something at the Munch exhibition made me think about the importance of practice and continual development and redevelopment of ideas, style and technique.

I thought I’d just talk it out to the camera in the hope of capturing some of what I was thinking. Maybe I need to do not everyday until I perfect the idea!

Primrose Hill Primary Academy – Lydney


Evie Warner draws Shoo Rayner Chibi Style!

I visited Primrose Hill Primary Academy in Sydney last Monday. It’s quite local to me.

I had a great day telling stories and drawing with the children. I didn’t know that I was being closely observed!

Evie Warner was taking in the details of my hair and glasses and eyebrows too – and drew me as a mini-me type Chibi style portrait.

I particularly like the short trousers – I hasten to add that I wore long trousers on the day!

Thanks Evie and keep on drawing!

How to draw Manga – or better still – don’t!

I actually want to encourage you not to draw Manga – well, not if you want to be a professional illustrator someday. There are just too many Manga Artists, basically all doing the same thing. It’s very unusual to find one that stands out from the rest. Mark Crilley on YouTube , certainly stands out. you can learn a huge amount about drawing and character and scenes and book pacing from Mark, but he’s got there before you. Learn, move on and adapt – find your own style.

In this video I show you a bit of how I would draw Manga, but then try to show how you can use Manga to influence your style, but don’t let it take over altogether. Manga is slick and “looks cool” but it does all tend to look the same. The artist that works for the least amount gets the job and you probably need to move to Japan too. Find your own style and stick with it.