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Do you need talent or be an artist to be able to draw?

Do you need to be an “artist” to be able to draw? NO!

Everyone can draw – You CAN draw – you just may not have had a lot of practice and tuition – unlike when you learned to write. After all, writing is just a form of drawing. If you managed to learn to write, you can learn the SKILL of drawing because you already half way there!

Being an artist is something else – that’s about ideas.

In this video I talk about the difference between the everyday skill of drawing and how being an Artist is like being possessed by an idea. How you deal with that situation comes down to temperament, talent and sheer hard graft, which may never, ever be appreciated or understood, one of the reasons that the life of an artist can be unhappy.

I think I need to talk more about managing the the expectations of being an artist! stay tuned.

Why I’ve not made a video for a little while


I’ve been so busy the last few weeks. I’ve been promoting my new book Dragon Red – http://amzn.to/2m3YJc4 – up and down the country in schools and libraries. That is an exhausting thing to do! While I’m away from home I’m not making videos. I think I will do blogs, but I’m so tired at the end of the day and there are such restrictions about videoing in schools that I don’t bother trying anymore.

Now I’;m back at home, I’m lucky to have a lot of work on. I’ll be sharing some of the techniques I use in my current work with you soon.

Meantime, you keep drawing and I’ll be back with a new drawing video very soon. It’s Mother’s day here in the UK next week, so I’d better draw some flowers for my Mum and make a video of it too – what kind would you like me to draw – spring flowers are best.

Drawing rough sketches for a children’s book – spoken tutorial


See how I draw the rough sketch for the illustrations for my forthcoming book, Dragon Red. It’s due to be published on the 1st of March, so we are up against it, time wise.

I’ve done all the full page illustrations and they have been fitted into the book,. Now we know how much space is left for me to fill in the rest of the illustrations.

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