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How to Draw the Olympic Rings

The Olympics are here again, so learn how to draw the Olympic Rings Easy Peasy!

You will need a coin to draw around for the circles a pencil and crayons, colored pencils or marker pens. You will need Blue, Yellow, Black, Green and a pinky sort of red, which we sometimes call Cerise.

Draw a line to start and use to put the bottom of the coin . Draw round the coiun to mak circlers. FGollow the instructions carefully as this is actually a bit tricky getting the places where the circles cross exactly right.

Good luck and have fun 🙂

How to Draw Feet

FeetSmallYouTube Follower, JSWHISS asked me to draw feet this week. I think hands are the hardest, but now I’m not so sure. I think I’ve been in denial about feet. If I can, I draw feet off the page or hide them behind something in the foreground, as that’s a lot simpler.

I generally find that if in doubt, I go to see what the Ancient Greeks did as they really knew how to draw and make it simple. That’s what I did when I was drawing my Olympia books that I show in the video.

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The Olympic Legacy

Olympia-Back-Cover-VignettesmlThe Olympics are well and truly over, but their legacy continues, most noticeable by the number of lycra clad bicycle riders that now clog up the roads of Britain!

My legacy is that I learned to draw feet a little better than before. While researching for my Olympia books, I looked at a lot of drawings on ancient Greek pots. The drawings were a revelation. I’d never really looked at them closely before. The style and often the drawings themselves were drawn again and again and passed down from father to son or master to apprentice. All the time the style was refined so that graceful athletes could be portrayed in a very few stokes of the pen or inscribed with a stylus.

I find I often go to the Old Greek Masters for inspiration and understanding of how to draw simply as well as how to understand the world in general. The old philosophers had it pretty well sorted!

If you were thinking of getting one or two, It really helps support this website and my drawing videos if you use the Amazon Links below. Thanks.