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How to draw a cute penguin chick

25th April was International Penguin Day so I drew a cute little Penguin Chick. By way of a change, I’m using a pentel Brush pen, which is really black and also waterproof for watercolour painting. I’m still getting to grips with it. So different to drawing with a pen, where you have a solid connection and feedback with the paper. I’ll have to do more videos about it in time.

Draw a penguin for #PenguinDay !

It’s Penguin Day today – Twitter is a little mad with the #PenguinDay hashtag! I did my first penguin video in 2010! I’ve been doing videos on YouTube for some time, so this is a bit of a classic, from before I knew how to edit!

Why not celebrate and think of penguins and while you are at it, watch the video to learn how to draw a penguin! And here is a slightly easier one from Drawstuffrealeasy

Hobletts Infant School – Hemel Hempstead

I had a great time at Hobletts Infant School this Monday. It was a bit chaotic, as they were having a new library installed, so books were piles up around the Staff Room, being sorted and thinned out. One of the thinning was a club book from the Tufty Club, which must have been lurking untouched on the old library shelves for years!

I was very impressed by a painting of penguins and puffins on the wall of the dining hall. The school is probably 1950’s, made in a cheap, throw’em up, pre-fab style. It still has it’s original metal, crittal windows, because the whole place would collapse if they were replaced! But there is this fabulous mural – I couldn’t see a signature, because part of it was hidden behind cupboards and things. ( I should be more nosey!) It must have been done very soon after the school was built. It has that wonderful Festival of Britain style about it. I hope it is logged somewhere . It should probably have a preservation order on it. It could do with a bit of restoration!

Any way, Thanks for a great day everyone. Fabulous drawing – all of you – teachers too!