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How to draw an airliner in flight – 3d – with easy step by step instructions – A380 787

In this video, I break down the essential shapes that go to make up a passenger aircraft in easy, step by step stages, so you can draw or design your own airliner in flight, in 3D.

I show how planes are made of sections of cylinders and how they are drawn with ellipses.

To learn more about ellipses, see this video in my “Everyone Can Draw” free course. Follow the simple, step by step instructions, and you will be able to draw most modern airliners, as they are all built to pretty much the same plan.

How To Draw An F-18 Fighter Plane – Shoo Rayner Drawing School


A brand new video for you. How to draw an F-18 Fighter Plane, requested by my loyal fan, primehunterlol from youtube.

I’m often asked to do videos of particular things. If you have an idea or need to know how to draw something for class, let me know and I’ll see what I can do.