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Online video in schools

My Drawing school is beginning to be quite successful, but it is noticeable that most of my hits come from California, the home of all things digital – a really wired society.

The trouble with UK viewings is that schools seem to disallow YouTube point blank, which is a terrible shame as there are amazing things on there. I’ve been trying to upload lessons to TeacherTube, but it is a horrible site to deal with. They don’t allow widescreen and it takes me at least ten attempts to upload a video. Once they are up, I seem to get good viewing figures, but I’m so frustrated with it.
Can you help me? below is a test video from wordpress, who host my site. It’s a great service, but pointless if it can’t be seen behind firewalls. I know some education authorities ban anything from wordpress.com too. Crazy!
Can you see this video on your school network? I’d really like to know. Do you have a special teacher login that lets you see sites the the kids can’t see? Can you have this site approved for viewing videos?

[wpvideo w0MiG12E]

It would be so useful to know. please make comments below. You can do this without having to give your email address.

City Lullaby

It must be about ten years ago that I began writing lullabies with the idea of doing a picturebook. I had such negative reaction to the dummy I showed I kind of gave up. No one liked my hero and thought no one would by a lullaby books with unknown lullabies in it.

I’ve now realised that Youtube could maybe let me approach the project from a different angle, so, here for your amusement and delectation is a demo of one of the songs called City Lullaby, inspired by a hot steamy visit to New York. I was amazed at the noise and bustle that never seemed to stop. I wondered how any child ever got to sleep there.

If you like it, please tell your friends and rate the video by clicking on the stars in the top left hand corner. Enjoy – zzzzzzz

eBooks get kids reading


Here’s something to scare the pants off my author friends! I was wondering last night about the Nuss (see previous word of the day – my daughter says it should be nEss) of being an author.
How much of the desire to be an author is bound up in the physical property of a book? If books were replaced by downloads, intangible bits of data that you can’t find on a shelf in a library or bookshop, would so many people spend so much time and effort getting their first story published?

I think there is a difference between authors and writers. Writers can’t help themselves. Authors are people who have their names on books.

The author status is not the same in film or tv or computer games or the state as it is in the physical ness of being a proper book author.

The same goes for artwork. However beautiful a digital image it’s status will never compare with a real thing that you can hold or walk around. Or am I just of an older generation holding on to the old ways, while the new generation grasp new images and means of delivery without the burden of history?

If so, why, when we see something amazing on the internet, do we immediately click through to easyjet and book a flight to see the real thing?