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Drawing a portrait of my son


Over the Christmas holiday period, I sat down to draw my son, Ed, and filmed the whole operation. There is about two or three minutes edited from it in which it was just me humming and haa-ing, but otherwise it is pretty much a full live action piece.

You can see the finished piece here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/7625528

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How to draw older eyes


Martha Jane Lovedahl asked me how to draw older eyes. Basically they are the same as before, but the eyelashes aren’t so pronounced and the eyebrows can get a bit thinner and there will be more lines around the eyes too. Also, gravity has an effect, slowly pulling the bottom lid down and making the top lids more hooded.

The effect is more obvious with the rest of the face which will be also full of more lines and character. You can try using a softer, more jiggly/crumbly line too.

Click the picture for the pdf attached to this post and the how to draw cartoon people index is at shooraynerdrawing.com/how-to-draw..