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The Ginger Ninja – published again!

Hooray! The Ginger Ninja is published again! I’m doing it through completelynovel.com who will let me sell it through Amazon and bookshops, though it seems not to have turned up on Amazon yet.

In the meantime you can Buy Signed Copies direct from me for only 3.99 plus £1.50 P&P or get a pack of ten for group reading for £35.91 – that’s a 10% discount plus FREE P&P!

Ginger is probably my most well-loved book. Ginger is a happy little kitten until Tiddles joins his class at school. Everything goes wrong until Ginger’s grandad comes up with an idea to turn Ginger into the The Ginger Ninja.

Filled with confidence, Ginger confronts the the bully, Tiddles, and becomes the hero of the school.
Watch out! The next book will be along soon.

The Ginger Ninja lead the original Summer Reading challenge, which was a marketing idea from Hodder Children’s books. The prizes that year were Ginger Ninja Badges, stickers pencils and erasers.

The Ginger Ninja treats the issue of bullying and self-confidence in an unpreachy, gentle, funny and inspiring way and has helped many children to start reading on their own.

I know I wrote it, but The Ginger Ninja is a bit special – if ever I’ll be remembered for anything, this is it!

You can also read this book online at www.magicblox.com. Use the code BLOX5K to get 30 days free reading.

Headfield Junior School, Dewsbury

I had a wonderful day at Headfield Junior School in Dewsbury today. I was asked to come and talk about The Ginger Ninja. It turns out I wrote the Ginger Ninja fifteen or sixteen years ago. I haven’t talked about those books in schools for a long time and they have been out of print for more than five years.

The Ginger Ninja is unlike everything else that I have written since. It is really quite autobiographical – yes, I was a ginger kitten when I was young. Writing it is was quite an emotional experience, so much so that I think I decided not to write anything quite as deep again.

I’ve not forgotten it, but I’ve moved on. So It is amazing to find that Ginger is fresh and alive and well in Dewsbury. The children were real fans and wanted to get on and read the rest of the series. The school had been bidding away on ebay to get extra copies! I think I signed one of every edition that has ever been printed. They even had a semi-hardback library edition I’d never seen before.

The children had been doing cover designs and had been writing Ginger’s diaries, charting the story from Ginger’s daily point of view. They were really fab and really quite moving.

It’s extraordinary to me to think that Ginger is continuing his life out there, on his own without my help – Thank you Headfield Juniors for taking Ginger and Tiddles to your hearts.