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How to draw a Christmas Deer

I always find it amazing that however much we know that Santa’s sleigh is pulled by reindeer, the illustrations so often depict red deer or something similar. Rudolph is definitely not a reindeer!

But you may still want to draw a Christmas deer, so here is a video to show you how.

How to draw a Reindeer Real Easy

learn how to draw a reindeer real easy for a Christmas Card or decoration

How to Draw Santa’s Reindeer

Learn how to draw Santa’s Reindeer. Of course it’s not a reindeer at all, it’s a Roe Deer or something like it. It’s all Rudolph’s fault. He was drawn this way and called a reindeer and now everyone thinks Santa’s Reindeer look this way – that’s the power of the media!

Here’s a video of how to draw a real reindeer.

And here’s another!