YouTube hell – for a stats junkie

Arrgh! I’ve hit the 300 barrier in YouTube stats. If you reach around 300 plays too quickly, YouTube puts a block on the video stats – for no apparent reason. My Angry Lion drawing got stuck like that for a couple of months. I deleted it and reloaded it in the end.

It’s so frustrating. You get a bit of luck on one site but the site that viewers get directed to doesn’t like it – thinks you must be up to something. I’ll never know what this day of good fortune has meant to the featured video. Thanks YouTube. You give such an amazing service to the world, but this little thing is incredibly irritating. There are many videos complaining about it too!

That has been the story of the internet for me for the last thirteen years or so that I’ve been doing websites and stuff. The internet gives and immediately takes away.

It has always been that I find something good, start to exploit it and then the rules change. Youtube downloads is one such thing – I put on my site a message to teachers to download my videos and take them into school as they can’t view Youtube through the school’s firewalls. Now YouTube has stopped downloads! Duh! The rumour is they will charge 99c for downloads – that’s okay, I’d get a cut (I hope), but yet another rule change that ruins my plans.